The mission of the Board of Directors of the Quail Hollow-East Homeowners Association is to oversee the maintenance of the Common Areas to insure they provide a safe and healthy recreation area for the members of the homeowners association, to be a vehicle through which projects requested by the homeowners will be performed, to collect the assessments from all the homeowners and to operate the corporation in a businesslike manner.

The purpose of Quail Hollow-East Homeowners Association is to protect the property values within the Quail Hollow-East Subdivision.  This is accomplished by maintaining all common areas and requesting members to do same with their private property.  Each year the Board of Directors are elected by the membership to accomplish this task and oversee the functions of the Association.

Board of Directors

The 2023 Board of Directors elected on January 18, 20223

If you have any questions or concerns, Email the Board

  President Stephanie Mitchell
  Vice President Tashi Perkins
  Secretary Leilani Arellano
  Treasurer Mike Gadbery
  Officer at Large Trent Rosebrook

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