Quail Hollow Home Owners Association.

Board Meeting Minutes for March 12, 2003

Respectfully Submitted by Jess Kriegel

Secretary (March 12, 2003March 12, 2004.


Officer attendees:

Dick Pacholl            President             

Steve Bintliff         Vice President        

Tracy Miller           Treasurer              

Nadia Summers       Officer at Large    

Jess Kriegel            Secretary               



General Meeting minutes of turnover meeting prior to transfer to elected officers.

       Presided over by Cheryl Brendle, Senior Vice President of COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT, INC.  Consultation fees for future if needed are $95/hr.

       E-mailing of turnover minutes to be submitted by same.


 No agenda was followed for the officers’ portion.  The following is a list of topics and a few notes taken of the proceedings

 Financial and other records turn over

-Concern over actual costs.

-Details of turn over --      Cheryl Brendle will deliver records to Kelly Ritz;

-Tracy volunteered to Pickup records.

-Decision was made to meet with accountant from Venture Properties for --accounting and transfer status of accounts.

-Dick Pacholl to set up meeting for next Wednesday March 19, 2003 if appropriate contacts can be made.



Venture Properties will be asked to bring all bill current for March

All board members will be on signature list for Check writing and all checks will require two board members to sign.

Web page -- Steve Bintliff will set up a webpage for association.

Insurance is paid current, recommendation made to add Board members to insurance.  Decision made to review in near future meeting.

Wednesday nights suggested for Meeting times at 6:30.  Approved.

 Location for meetings discussed.  Next meeting to be at Venture Properties Office for accounting records review if can be arranged.   Jess Kriegel to make arrangements.  ( After meeting Dick Pacholl agreed to try to set up meeting for next Wednesday March 19, 2003 if appropriate contacts can be made.)


Issues for future meetings topics brought up.

-Actual costs of Assoc. monthly.

-Review expectations of maintenance/landscapers.

-Records/billing issues

-Non-compliance issues


-Laptop/accounting software for association (will be kept by treasurer.)

-Architectural Compliance group….? Classes on Home owners association responsibilities coming up.  Cheryl Bridle will notify Secretary.


My personal thanks to all those who are participating the Homeowner Association group.


Jess Kriegel Secretary         3-15-2003

Quail Hollow Home Owners Association